Sunday, June 26, 2005

I hate moving & Elephants in the Pantry!

But I swear everytime I won't do it again. I can't stand the sugary sweet, surreal articles in the
newspaper by an occasional writer, who is from a loving, large extended family, whose father also happens to be a wonderful (and wealthy) doctor. I can't imagine a family that got together
regularly because they liked each other, let alone loved one another. When I start reading those articles, I swear I won't finish them, let alone read them again, but I do. They hold a certain fascination for me. I come from a well-to-do family, but we had many "elephants in our
living room" and skeletons in our closets! And woe to the one who dared to point out that "the
empereror had no clothes." Sometimes literally. I wonder how you actually meet and get to
know the garden-growing, happiness over shared canning of fruits and vegetables types. The
ones I have met, seem to be a somewhat large, but closed to outsider clans. Maybe there should
be social clubs and canning times together for people who discuss being cut off from their families for revealing incest, or discussing who is in jail for what this time. Life is often not a pantry full of lovely colored grown and canned goods...sometimes there are elephants hiding in
the pantry! Normally, I am alot "lighter" than this...but you know how moving is. Total UGH.